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       One thing I've learned in my 25 years? Don't let anyone overcome you. I've been unfortunate in making the mistake of letting others control my life choices on numerous occasions. I allowed them to convince me that I could not live without them. 

I made the decision to take back my life and fight for my opinions. I uprooted my whole life and escaped everything that held me back. I have accoplished so much in only one year. 

If you are unhappy make changes in your life. We are capable of so much, so do things that make you enjoy living. 

I woke up one day and looked around at my life and realized how miserable I was. I picked up my whole life in two days and moved to another state. I changed my entire environment and made constant daily decisions to grow. You can truly achieve so much greatness in this world, if that's what you want. What will you do today to change the world around you?

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Aurora Designs

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I first started creating designs at the age of eight. What started as an interest in princess gowns, leather work, and chaimail armor slowly grew into an obsession with artisic fashion.  A designer who inspires me greatly is Iris Van Herpen. I have always loved how the human mind can be so expressive with art in their fashion. I would love nothing more than to create high fashion couture designs for endless runway shows all over the world. Showing emotion and fantasy in my work to inspire others to achieve greatness and chase their dreams inspires me greatly. 

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