Aurora's Diary

Video introduction and Storytime coming soon

May 21, 2020

It takes a long time to truly get to know someone. Today I'm 25 years old and I go by the name I've given myself for the last seven years. I gave myself the name Aurora at the age of eighteen to become my own person. I never felt connected to my birth given name. So, as I grew into my passions I created a character of who I wanted to be. Aurora, a woman of many talents whose main goal is to inspire others and study the psychological and physical aspects of the human brain to further help and inspire people on a deeper level. I truly want to help people grow and do what makes them happy. Supporting peoples dreams gives me such joy. I hope to accomplish so much in this life, and here is where I will tell my story. I hope that sharing my story can help others to grow and learn and see stuggles and lessons from another perspective. We are never alone, so come get to know me, my past, my dreams, my accomplishments, the things the make me Aurora. I will post videos, diary logs, storytimes, and photos to this page constantly. Also feel free to reach out to me, because we are not alone and we all have curious minds. What are you eager to learn about me? Now's the time to ask, because here I am an open book.


Welcome to my life,


Photo above: I was at a photoshoot in Las Vegas with photographer Day Still. My mother and I were having a moment and she captured this shadow of us holding hands. When I look at this photo it makes me feel stong and empowered, knowing I have her to always support me and lift me up.