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This section of the site is dedicated towards bringing awareness to topics that need more attention. Conversations people avoid on a daily basis due to insecurities or little knowledge on the topic at hand. Mental, physical, spiritual, and social issues constantly being swept under the rug. Arguing and never coming to an understanding of perspective leaves no room for growth. Life is a never ending wave of lessons and mistakes to overcome. It's about time we start sharing our experiences to learn from each other.

Do you suffer from arthritis or degenerative disc disease(DDD)?

Lucky for you, so does our editor, Aurora. Over the last few years She has accumulated information from different doctors and personal research. 

Looking for a low intensity stretch and workout routine? Here's one created by Aurora, but first let's talk health.

First off, let's talk about things to avoid with DDD and arthritis:

  • workouts that cause pain or discomfort can create long term dysfunction for people who suffer with DDD

  • heavy lifting or overstretching

  • high interval workouts

   -foods causing inflammation:

  • sugar and high fructose corn syrup

  • artificial trans fats

  • vegetable and seed oils (in excess)

  • refined carbohydrates (grains)

  • processed and fatty red meats

  • excessive alcohol intake

  • dairy, cheese, and margarine

  • food additives (MSG)

  • agave

  • tropical fruits and juices in excess (orange, pineapple, papaya, etc.)

Some regular things to avoid for healthier habits and physical functionality

(some of these have also been known to worsen or cause depression):

  • alcohol

  • tobacco

  • overeating

  • fatty or greasy foods

  • caffeine

  • carbonation

  • very hot or ice cold drinks can cause digestive issues

Foods to help lessen Depression outbreaks:

  • beta-carotene (broccoli, carrots, peaches, spinach, sweet potato, etc.)

  • V-C (blueberries, grapefruit, kiwi, strawberries, tomato, etc.)

  • V-E (nuts and seeds, wheat germ, vegetable oils in healthy amounts)

  • foods rich in antioxidants

  • carbohydrates help boost Serotonin levels

Things to do if you have DDD or Arthritis:

  • Stay active! Inactivity can cause more pain and stress on joints

  • suggested 150-300 minute low-impact aerobic exercise per week

      (yoga, swimming, walking, stretching, flow dancing, hula hooping)

  • work out twice a week

  • keep your abs strong to help back pain! Core strengthening workouts    are your BFF

  • drink lots of water!

Workout for the pain

This workout routine was designed to strengthen muscles that will help to relieve pain for those suffering with DDD and arthritis. Don't hesitate to skip any of these or do them for shorter time spans. Take a break if you feel excessive pain or discomfort. Make sure you stretch before and/or after and drink plenty of water to avoid cramps and joint pains.


Let's do this!

  • opposite arm to opposite leg reaches- 30 sec.

  • pelvic lifts- 30 sec.

  • supermans- 15 reps

  • forearm plank- 30 sec.

  • high plank- 30 sec.

  • forearm side plank- 15 sec. per side

  • side plank elbow to knee crunches- 5 reps per side

  • high plank with arm and leg raises- 15 sec.

  • forearm plank knee to elbow- 10 reps

  • bicycle crunches- 30 sec.

  • raised toe touches- 30 sec.

  • rocking hand plank- 15 sec.

  • bent knee jackknives- 15 sec.

  • Russian twists- 15 sec.

  • crunches- 20 reps

  • donkey kicks- 15 reps per side

  • leg pull in (sitting jackknives)- 30 sec.

  • reverse crunches- 45 sec.

  • lying leg raises- 45 sec.

  • elbow to knee crunches- 30 sec.

  • flutter kicks- 45 sec.

  • squats- 25 reps

Repeat if you dare, use weights at your own risk, and don't forget to eat! Aurora does this workout twice a week. Along with going for constant walks and hula hooping/dancing around the house. Another workout well loved and used by Aurora is the Vacume ab workout. You can do it at any time and it helps Aurora to get that curvy figure everyone always asks about. That and all the core workouts in this routine. A video will be up soon of this routine! Stay tuned.

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Aurora's Daily Stretch

I suggest clearing your mind and focusing on breathing and proper posture before starting this routine. Relax and take a moment to be in the moment. A video of this routine will be added to the site soon. In the meantime, you may reach out to the editor with any questions or concerns.

Each stretch will be done for 30 second intervals. Feel free to repeat the routine as much as needed. Also, if you feel the need to stay in a stretch for longer go ahead!

Start by standing loose and then reac
hing your arms into the sky, breathing in deeply. As you breathe out, relax your body and bend over

letting your arms hang towards the ground. Breathe in as you straighten your back and release back down holding your arms as your back is pulled down. Sway side to side to loosen your spine. Slowly breathing in, roll up into a standing position again. Take a couple breaths, then begin.

-arm circles

-hinge and reach

-leg swings

-figure 8

-ankle circles

-floor angles

-lay on back with knees bent, allow knees to sway side to side

-pull knee into chest (hold, release, repeat) 30sec per leg, then both knees at once

-sitting toe touch

-cat cow

-child’s pose

Relax and breathe in child’s pose for as long as needed. Whichever way is more comfortable (arms extended foward or tucked behind.)

Then you can start your day, workout, or sleep peacefully and easily.

It’s best to do the stretches before bed and/or first thing in the morning every day. You may also do them as often as needed for pain or discomfort.

I will also be creating a stretch routine focusing on wrist and neck pain for the future.

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