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Zelly Vibes































She started out small. Spreading her beautiful vocals through the streets of Fremont, Las Vegas. As she grew and changed, so did her art. 






Meeting the Vibe Tribe

I first heard about Zelly's music from her manager Uraina Serna back in 2016. As she  continued to release music over the years, my support only grew stronger. I became a huge fan of her! So, meeting her in person for the first time in 2018 was a big deal for me. Zelly is extremely wholesome, humble, and down to earth and seeing her perform feels like a blessing. I was lucky enough to be able to spend time with her and her friends up close, and my favorite thing was how quiet she can be. It's a rare thing to be able to enjoy your surroundings without interacting with everyone all the time. Yet, everytime she opens her mouth you can be garunteed to hear something relatable or funny. 






                photo above: left- Uraina Serna @urainaserna (IG),                                                      right- Zelly Vibes

Hot Answers


I came up with several Interview questions for my featured artists. I told each of them they could answer as many as they wanted. Of course, our girl Zel came through with answers to ALL the questions! What a stunner, she never disappoints the VibeTribe. 













1-How would you describe your aesthetic?

"90s and early 2000's clothing, I think high heels are uncomfortable so platform sneakers are Heaven sent lol. I also like wearing pieces that remind me of my roots.  I love wearing more of the natural vibe type of makeup look; brows, lashes and lips. For my hair I like to rock braids and simple look with my hair down. You'll probably always catch me snacking on any chips with the flames preferably Hot Cheetos or Takis, Don Julio and tacos. That sums it up."


2-What’s something that makes you different from other artists?

"I believe everyone has a story, mine has been crazy because I started doing music at a very young age when I got to America starting with only Spanish music, then transitioning to English music, to now meshing both. I believe to be the first female Mexican artist who is doing spanglish music the way I'm doing it."

3-Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it?

"I don't know if is a talent, but I can feel what others feel even when they don't say a word. At times is not so good because if people are in a bad mood then I feel that and I get in a bad mood. I can read people pretty well." 

4-What’s your favorite social media app to use?

"Currently I would say its Tiktok, then Instagram then Twitter" 

5-What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done?

"Literally making something out of nothing, shot a video with no budget and edited it myself. I did that with 3 of my earlier videos."

6-How do you support others?

"I do what I can, I be so focused its hard to be in tune sometimes with what others are doing but I try my best to pull up to events, I share people's flyers, share peoples links, give advise when asked. I also refer people when opportunities are presented." 

7-What’s a personality trait people like most about yourself? Or, what’s a compliment you hear often?

"I uplift others, I make sure to remind people anything is possible. reassurance is important." 

8-How much work and time do you put into your art and passion?


"I dedicate myself fully and entirely to my art every single day, its a lifestyle."

9-When do you feel most confident and yourself?

"When I put in the work, practice makes you better at anything you do so that give you confidence. I feel the most me when I make music, it's like I can just say whatever I want, it's true freedom."

10-You are capable of anything. What is something you’d do to better or change the world?

"I would like to invest in a recycling company in Mexico and other parts of the world. I feel like change starts with ourselves. I can only try to be the best version of me I can be so I can make a difference with the people around me. There are a few other things like building schools and investing in education and extra activities for kids." 

11-If you could only share one thing about yourself with the world, what would it be?

"I came to this country not knowing how to speak English, low self esteem and feeling lost to doing the inner work, finding my voice and self acceptance, working hard everyday to share my testimony so that people don't feel so alone, so that people can see the results of passion, dedication and going against the grain and not giving up can give you real balance and success. If I could do it, Anyone can too."

12-If money could talk, what would it say to you?

"You that bitch, keep stacking" ahahaha

13-What is your biggest personal achievement?

"Being able to help my parents get their legal status in US in order." 

14-What’s your dream life?

"My dream life I'm already living, waking up and being able to earn money doing what I love. being my own boss, making my own schedule. Now I want to bring balance to those around me, I want accomplish more goals."

15-What’s in your future?

"More Love, More Support, Plaques, sold out arenas, Grammys and more learning." 

16-What is something you think we should bring awareness to?

"We should bring awareness to making it normal to not follow societies' "blue print" on how a human being should live their life. I think we should also make it normal to talk about mental health starting from kindergarten." 

17-How have you struggled, and how did you overcome it?

"Wow if I sat and talked about all my struggles it would be a whole book but to summarize it, learning to let go of people was a big lesson -cause you will keep re-learning the lesson until you learn it. Struggled with self love, I was so insecure no matter how many compliments I would not feel good about myself, reading and being surrounded by people who uplifted me has been life changing." 


18-What are some things you do to keep growing and learning?

"Reading is something that will never get old, and being open minded pushing away the ego."

19-Are you an Introvert Or Extrovert?


"I feel like I am more of an Extrovert but I also like to be private when it comes to my personal life and also enjoy alone time."

20-How do you practice self love?

"I practice self love by acknowledging my values, respecting my own decisions. I practice self love by having self care, doing things that make me happy and being surrounded by people who uplift me."


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Lina Drae

An artist of many talents. Lina never ceases to surprize me with a new talent or hobby. Always got to keep a close eye of this artist.






Observing Growth


Lina popped up in my explore feed a few years ago as a model. My sister said she recognized her from Las Vegas so I gave her a follow. Little did I know just how satisfied I'd be with her content. I got to watch her from the beginning of her musical journey and it's been nothing but intriguing. I love an artist that can always keep me coming back. It can be hard to keep people interested these days, but Lina seems to be a natural at it. I can't wait for the day I get to see her perform and pick her brain in person. 



























            photo above: left- model Tabetha Tozzi, right- Lina Drae

                                     shot with Tony Kamera @tonykamera (IG)

Lina's Truth


I sent off numerous questions to my featured artists for this month. Here's what Lina had to say to her DraeBaes.

1. What’s something that makes you different from other artists?


"Something that makes me different from other artists is being genuine, whether it’s in my music or not, I don’t say things that aren’t true and if I say I’m gonna do something I always do it." 


2. What’s the most creative thing you’ve ever done?


"The most creative thing I’ve ever done so far is this project that I haven’t released yet it’s a 1 minute Instagram video which I shot, edited, produced the beat for, and mixed myself. This is also the first time I do any of those things myself so I’m excited." 


3. You are capable of anything. What is something you’d do to better or change the world?


"I always said that when I get rich enough I’m gonna open several no kill animal shelters and adopt the oldest/ sickest pets to live a good rest of their life next to me as my fur babies"


4. What is you’re biggest personal achievement?

"Moving to Las Vegas. I always lived with my parents in Texas and I literally just got up one day and decided I didn’t want to live there anymore and I wanted to chase my dreams." 


5. What's your dream life?


"My dream life would be living on a ranch with lots of animals and being able to take care of my family financially through my music." 


6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?


"I’m definitely an introvert. My friends have to remind me to leave the house every now and then to get some sun"


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Jazsarae Nova


Finding out who Miss Nova is was unexpected and purely a coincidence. I was at a Zelly Vibes performance the night we met and ran into her a few times at different social events. She has such a sweet and fun-loving personality. So, naturally I had to find out what she does.



























Endless Fashion Sense


First impression? With how artsy and completely different Jazsarae looks each time I've seen her; I genuinely thought she would be in the fashion industry. Instead she uses fashion to express her unique personality. Of course, her music is just as unique! When I listen to her music I feel like I'm in a trance. It's like hearing modern day music on an old time radio back in the 50's or 60's. Plus her music video "Rough Mornin" is what really made me fall in love with her. All of Jazsarae's music videos on youtube are a must-see. She's like all of the characters of Alice in Wonderland meshed into one person in the most beautifully chaotic way possible.Truly amazing to watch Jazsarae grow and change on a daily basis.

Being Nova

Jazsarae's answers in our interview are obviously a must-see as well. What better way to get to know a creative mind than to ask creative questions.

1. How would you describe your aesthetic?

"I would describe my aesthetic as wild and free, very unique, and head turning."

2.What’s your favorite social media app to use?

"Twitter is my favorite, because I talk a lot."

3. How do you support others?

"I support others by listening and being there for them. Supporting ideas and small businesses."

4. What’s a personality trait people like most about you? Or, what’s a compliment you hear often?

"People like my boldness. whether it's in fashion or the way I speak and think."

5. What's in your future?

"Riches is in my future."

6. What are some things you do to keep growing and learning?

"I listen to self-help podcasts to help educate myself and gain better perspective on others to help me grow"

7. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

"I'm definitely an extrovert."

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